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20 January 2017
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Visual Report:
The commemoration ceremony of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani was held in the Holy Shrine of Shahecheragh (PBUH)with the wide participation of people
This memorial ceremony was held to commemorate the memory of the late Expediency Council Chairman,Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjan with the presence of Hazrat Ayatollah Dastgheib , provincial officials and the speech of the Vice President for Legal Affairs, Majid Ansari in Imam Khomeine(R.A.)portico of the Holy Shrine.
January 11, 2017
The invitation of Hazrat Ayatollah Dastgheib from Shirazian people to participate in the commemorating ceremony for Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani in the Holy Shrine of Shahecheragh( PBUH)
According to the public Relations of the Holy Shrine, the message is as follows: “In The Name of Allah“ “Whenever a scholar dies, an irreparable harm is done unto Islam “ The demise of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, who was a devoted scientist, tireless campaigner, great thinker, prominent clergyman, popular character of the Islamic Revolution, old companion of Imam Khomeini(R.A.), comrade and close colleague of Ayatollah Khamenei is a gr
January 10, 2017
The condolence message of The Grand Custodian of the Holy Shrine of Ahmadi and Muhammadi (PBUT), over Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani’s passing away
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful "We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return."[The Holy Quran, 2: 156] “The demise of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, who was a brave combatant, an old companion of Imam Khomeini(R.A.), a comrade and close colleague of Ayatollah Khamenei caused deep sorrow “ “This great scholar spent his whole life in path of promoting Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran both in the fight years
January 09, 2017
Visual Report:
The Presence of The Grand Custodian of the Holy Shrine of Ahmadi and Muhammadi (PBUT), in a memorial ceremony for martyr Ali Reza Moazeni
Hazrat ayatollah sayyed Ali Asghar Dastgheib commemorated the memory of this great martyr of the eight-year holy defense (Iran-Iraq war) by attending in Alreza mosque.
January 07, 2017
The building of the Holy Shrine
The first building of the holy shrine is attributed to the reign of Ezadoldowle Deilami(317-338 L.Y.),nicknamed as roknoldowle. The firt building was repaired, and new ones were added during the reign of Atabakan by the order of Amir Mogharabodin Masud Badrodin, the minister of Atabak Aboubakr Sa'd Zangi(623-659).In 912L.Y.,Shah Ismail Safavi repaired the Holy Shrine.Then,in 1141L.Y. Nader Shah Afshar repaired the shrine. Different matters were
The Holy Courtyard
Previously each holy shrine of Ahmadi and Mohammadi had an independent courtyard which had been connected through Beinolharamein Bazaar. After purchasing and demolishing the places of Beinolharamein Bazaar for development and improvement of the holy shrine of Hazrat Shahcheragh,the holy courtyard was widened. So that two holy shrine in one courtyard makes it more magnificent. The central courtyard is a rectangle in an area of 14 thousand squ
The Dome
The first dome of the holy shrine was built by the order of Amir Mogharodin Masud ebn-e Badroldin,the atabak minister in 1226 A.D.  the dome was basically rebuilt by Queen Tashi Khatoon(king Abu eshagh`s mother)during the reign of Almozaffar in 1344A.D. the dome includes 72 parts, each 90 centimeters wide. The dome and many buildings, including the holy shrine, were collapsed in a powerful earthquake in 1823A.D. By the order of Hossein Ali Mir
The Sepulture
A sepulture is built in the reign of Fathali Shah Qajar. It is 3.25 meters in length and 1.75 meters in width. It is covered with silver and some poems in Persian and Arabic are carved around it. Afterwards another sepulture is built. Its explanations is cited from''Hedye Ahmadi''book:'' The locality of the sepulture ,which is the tomb of offspring of Imam Musa Kazem,is 10 centimeters higher than the level of holy shrine. It is covered with fi
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