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The Holly Shrine of Fatima-AL-Masumeh
The Holly Shrine of Fatima-AL-Masumeh
About Holiness Mohammad-ibn-Musa

 The holy shrine of Hazrat Muhammed-ibn-Musa


The holy shrine of Muhammedi had an independent courtyard which had connection to the holy shrine of Hazrat Shahecheragh through Beinolharamein Bazaar. From the beginning of 60s, more attention was paid to the holy shrine of muhammedi. Then fundamental repair and construction has been done. In respect of shortage of covered spaces in the holy shrine of Hazrat Seyyed Mir Muhammed, a new  saloon was built upon the holy sepulcher.

The porch of this holy shrine was so small. It didn’t have any artistic work. So, they developed it in order ease the pilgrimage. So the artists of the holy shrine of Shahecheragh had completed it. The porch was built with wood of teak tree by the artists of Shiraz in the carpentry workshop of the holy shrine. It’s nice work catches every eyes. After development, the porch was 20 meters in width and 6 meters in length. It had four columns which were 9.5 meters in height. The first dome was built during the region of Zahir Al-Dole. The building was repaired in sync with the mausoleum during Nader Shah Afshar era. The surface of the dome had 252 square meters width. It had 12 meters in height and 10 meters in thickness. It was decorated nicely.

 Anyway, the holy mausoleum was a sacred  place, visited by pilgrims. Many of Sadats, pious, good men were buried in his vicinity. On his left, there is a small sepulcher. On the tombstone on the sepulcher is written “Ibrahim-ibn-Mohammed-ibn-Musa”. “He was his son” people said.

Mohammed-ibn-Musa’s offspring


Muhammed-ibn-Musa was one of the sons of Imam Musa-ibn-Ja’far, whom the historical books talked about his descendants. There were two historical narrations about seyyed Mir Muhammed’s descendants. One of the sources said that Ibrahim-ibn-Muhammed was his only son. The other source said he had more than one son. According to A’yan alShiiet , he had seven offsprings (four daughters and three sons). His daughters were Hakimeh, Barihe, and Sayyedeh. His sons were Ja’far, muhammed, and Ibrahim.

The author of “Omdat al-Talib fi Ansab al-Abi-Talib” believed that Mohammed-ibn-Musa had one sone named Ibrahim and Sheikh Abbas Qomi had sufficed this news.

The certain matter is that Ibrahim is his son. Because Mohammed –ibn-Musa’s nickname was “Aba Ibrahin” meaning father of Ibrahim. Ibrahim-ibn-Muhammed was his grandson. He won fame for “Mojab”.

But why was he bestowed a little like this? According to the historians,  when he honored to visit the holy tomb of his grandfather, Imam Hossein in Karbala as a pilgrim, hesaluted Imam Hossein. Suddenly, a voice came out of the holy tomb of Imam Hossein. “Imam Hossein saluted him”. Scince then he was bestowed the title of “Mojab”. Because Hazrat Imam Hossein returned a greeting.

Ibrahim-ibn-Mohammed was abstemious. Late Soltan al-Vaezin wrote that “Seyyed Mir Mohammed has some abstemious off springs. The most abstemious son was Ibrahim (Mojab). Mojab had the honor of visiting Imam Ali’s holy shrine as a pilgrim at the very beginning of finding the holy tomb.