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Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Asghar Dastgheib attends lamination ceremony of martyrdom of Imam Sadegh at Khan Seminary
June 29, 2019
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the Holy Shrine, lamenting martyrdom of founder of Shia ideology- Imam Jaafar Sadegh (PBUH)/ funeral ceremony of unidentified martyr of Iraq-Iran War
June 28, 2019
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Funeral ceremony of 9 unidentified martyrs of Iraq-Iran war and a martyr of defenders of the holy shrines
June 28, 2019
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Lamentation ceremony of martyrdom of Imam Sadegh (PBUH) and commemoration of martyrs of Tir 7th (28th June 1981 bombing at IRP headquarters in Tehran)
June 27, 2019
A group of foreign visitors attended the Holy Shrine and had a meeting with experts of Tourism division of the Holy Shrine
June 24, 2019
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fifth anniversary of martyrdom of Major-general martyr Daadallah Sheybani (defender of Holy Shrine of Hazrat Zeynab)
June 21, 2019
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The dust-clearing ceremony of the Holy tomb of Shahecheragh by custodians of the holy Shrines of Iran and the Islamic world
June 20, 2019
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Lithographical books


In addition to preparation of manuscript by purchasing, donation and endowment, one of the main actions of this part is also meeting the needs of applicants who can use these books according to the rules of researchers and explorers. It’s necessary to mention that all of the pictures of manuscript of library are stored on multipurpose digital disks. The lists of these manuscripts are also prepared.

The List of Manuscripts of the Library of the Holy SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI

The list of manuscripts of the library of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI is now printed in 3 volumes. The first volume is published in 1360.The third volume is published in 1382.Eminent writer of this list is the deceased explore ALI NAGHI BEHROUZI. His sincerely ceaseless attempt in order to prepare the first two volumes of this list is laudable. The deceased ALI NAGHI BEHROUZI listed some of the manuscript of this library by the use of his own valuable experience in case of listing of manuscript. Justly the best and the most precise lists are visible for researchers. Undoubtedly this list has different preferences, as it may have some weak points.

The first volume of this  3-volume collection of manuscript of library of HOLY SHRINE was published by deceased ALI NAGHI BEHROUZI in the first half of 1360 in the period of his superintendence (1358 on) The first volume of this collection is allocated to Qurans, interpretations and prayers for beautification. The second volume of this collection of lists was printed and published on 23rd of DAY 1360.This volume of the list contains 4 parts. The first part contains the list of religious jurisprudence books, principles of jurisprudence, theosophy, news, traditions, prayers and religious subjects. The second part contains some books about monotheism, mystical behavior Sufism and morals. The third part contains logic, philosophy, metaphysics and theology. The fourth part contains medical books.

In preparation of this list the book divides according to subject. The language and subject of the main book and their descriptions are mentioned in detail to introduce the books. The biography of authors and commentators are also collected from different sources and are mentioned in the margins of pages. The book also contains the list of names of people, books and places.

Publishing of the third volume of the list of manuscript of the library was one of the actions taken through the efforts of MOHAMMAD BARCKAT. This list introduces 691 manuscripts which have not been introduced in the previous two volumes. The address of book is mentioned in the general list after citation of the title of the books, subjects, language and collector. It also mentions some additional explanation or any differences seen in general list.

The book also contains the alphabetical list of the presented books in the collections and lists of collectors.

Instruction for Applicants on Usage of Manuscript

All of the pictures of manuscript of library are stored on multipurpose digital disks which can be used by applicants in 2 ways:

1. using the prints of all or a part of manuscripts depend on filing an application from, mentioning the kind of research and paying the announced expenses. Agreement and confirmation of the manager of the library is necessary for picture and valuable manuscript.

2. Researchers cannot use the original manuscript. In special cases that applicants’ need for seeing some parts of the original manuscripts is confirmed by the manager of the library, the applicants can use the original manuscript under the supervision of information expert for a short time exclusively in the study hall.

Subjects of Available Manuscript in the Central Library of HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI

The manuscript of the library of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI contains different subjects such as principles and religious jurisprudence, theosophy, news, traditions, prayers and religious subjects, monotheism, mystical behavior, Sufism, morals, logic, philosophy, metaphysics, theology and medical books. Some of them are valuable rare manuscript.

Brief Introduction of Some of Exquisite Manuscript

We briefly introduce some of unique and exquisite manuscripts in order to make them known. We are sure that these works will be useful for science and religion explorers if they are introduced appropriately.

QOTBODIN’s Epistle

One of the exquisite manuscripts of this library is the QOTBODIN’s epistle, a thesis of learned magnanimous SAYED QOTBODIN MOHAMMAD NEIRIZI known as QOTBODIN. People called him SAYED QOTB.

SAYED QOTB has an exalted position in theosophy and accomplishments. He is the thirty-second QOTB of glorious ZAHABIYEH chain. He was poet, author and writer. This epistle is written as a remembrance of deceased MOHAMMAD HASHEM DARVISH.

This epistle is in Persian. A letter is attached at the end of the epistle which is maybe written by him. This appendix is a nine-page epistle written in 1170 L.Y...


One of the other available manuscripts in the library of HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI is MEFTAHOL FOTOH VA ROMUZOL KONOUZ. It is written by MOHAMMAD QOTBODIN who translates Imam ALI’S SABAH prayer in to Persian. In this manuscript a preface is written before the beginning of the translated text.

This manuscript has 30 pages. The text of the prayer is written in a special style of writing, and its translation is written in red ink.

The Persian poems are written in black ink. It seems to be QOTBODIN’s handwriting.


The other available precious manuscript in the library of the HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMADI is RIAZOLSAKENIN fi SHARH SAHIFAT SAYED ALABEDIN. This thick book is an explanation for prayers and fervent prayers of SAHIFE SAJADIYE (the book is written by Imam SAJAD).It is written by deceased SAYYED ALI KHAN KABIR DASTAKI. In this manuscript, the sentences of text of SAHIFE are written in red ink then the explanation is written in black ink. This manuscript contains 54 preaching’s. An explanation of the history of compilation of manuscript is at the end. The compilation of this book took 54 years (1123 up to 1069 L.Y.)

The book has a black leather torn cardboard covering. One can see 3 TORANJ designs on the covering. It has 679 pages.

The papers are torn. The date of writing is from 1069 up to 1123 L.Y.

The Notices

This book contains a brief part of religious jurisprudence. Deceased HAJ ALI AKBAR NAVAB SHIRAZI having pen-name of “BESMEL” wrote it for his son, MIRZA ALI. It contains a preface, 5 chapters and 10 prefaces, and 80 notices. It has a black leather covering. This manuscript has 144 pages.

How to prepare the Books of this Section

Most of the cultural and charitable centers donate private books or printed and handwritten books to HOLY SHRINE of SHAHCHERAGH. We can mention MEHDI KAJOURI library (dead in 1292 L.Y.)

A great number of available manuscripts of library are the donation collection of grandsons of deceased HAJ SHEIKH MOHAMMAD MEHDI KAJURI (dead in 1293 L.Y.).HAJ SHEIKH MOHAMMAD MEHDI KAJURI, the son of SHEIKH HEIDAR ALI KAJURI, was born in KAJOR, the environs of MOZANDARAN in 1222 L.Y. He left for the HOLY city of KARBALA to continue his education in 1250 L.Y.

He learned a great deal from attending SAHEB ZAVABET. After becoming AMOJTAHED he immigrated to Shiraz in 1259 according to the request of people of Shiraz. He died in this city and is buried in HAFEZIYEH tomb after approximately 35 years of teaching compilation and tending to religious rules for people. SHEIKH MOHAMMAD MEHDI KAJURI wrote something with his handwriting in Arabic about transmission of these manuscripts. The collection of donation books of SHAHCHERAGH HOLY SHRINE was 2888 volumes up to ORDIBEHESHT 1380. (Pour OMID 1385 page 1366).

There is an expert of manuscript who examine the presented books of manuscript section with respect to the kind of volume and paper, subject’s worth, whether the manuscript is printed or not, and some other criterions in the manuscript section of the HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI. After examining, he confirms them. Then he sets price on the books. The books will have certificate after purchasing by the library and then will be sent to the library storage after registering numbers. Most of the books of this section of library are provided by bestowers and charitable men. Fortunately this good tradition of the people with Iranian Islamic culture is consistently continued.

“Teach your knowledge to other and learn others’ knowledge.”

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