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The Library of Holy Shrine through Time

Short History

The establishment of the library of the HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI is in sync with the building of mausoleum and court of AHMAD EBNE MUSA and of school for sepulture. Queen TASHI KHATOON, the mother of SHAH ABO ESHAGH INJOO, established the library in a corner. A valuable collection of books is donated to the library. During the time TASHI KHATOON donated other books and Quran to the library which couldn’t escape damage of invasion and successive wars. Anew collection was formed through the efforts of SAYYED JALAODIN MOHAMMAD SHARIFI HOSSEINI ZAHABI SHIRAZI known as MAJDOLASHRAF, custodianship of holy shrine, in order to revival of the previous library. He was a wise man who prepared lots of books for library. He sealed the back of the books with the word “endowment”.  He prepared some aforesaid books, papers and his compilation books. He also added some books with description margin. According to formal command which is currently in SHAHCHERAGH museum, MOSTAFA MOAZER was appointed as the librarian of holy shrine of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI for the first time in that year. Some of the books were scattered after him because of carelessness.

Until the library was opened through the efforts of SHARIFI brothers, custodianships of that time in 24th of ISFAND 1343 (1384 L.Y.) coincident with prosperous birth of Imam ALI EBNE MUSAL REZA It’s necessary to mention that the opening date of the library as it is now is mentioned 24th of ABAN 1344,1362. These dates seem invalid according to private notes of Professor MOHAMMAD HADI SELAHI from the first day of opening of library. That date (24th of ISFAND 1343) is approved.

The Development Process of Library from the Beginning of Establishment Up to Now

The first collection of library had 306 volumes of book.227 volumes of handwritten and printed books of that collection belonged to deceased SAYED JALAL ADIN MOHAMMAD MOJDOLASHRAF SHIRAZI.79 volumes of specific textbooks of institute was gift of writing of culture office. The first core of the library is established by these 306 volumes of books.

After 5 years through the efforts of Professor MOHAMMAD HADI SELAHI, the librarian, the numbers of library books was increased to 6675 volumes.

There were 463 volumes of handwritten books, 6083 volumes of printed books, 1484 volumes of magazine, 168 volumes of newspapers, 103 volumes of books in English, 14 volumes of book in French, 9 volumes of books in Turkish, 1 volume of book in Russian, 2 volumes of books in German and 196 volumes of books in Latin.

The library continued its development up to 1356.There was 800 volumes of handwritten books and more than 8000 printed books in the library of HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI AND MOHAMMADI. Most of the benefaction and cultural centers offer their private books and handwritten or printed books to HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI including MEHDI KAJOURI’S library.

A great number of available handwritten books are the donation of the deceased HAJ SHEIKH MOHAMMAD MEHDI KAJURI’S grandchildren. SHEIKH MOHAMMAD MEHDI KAJURI wrote some subject-matters about the transmission of those books. Many other benefactors donate their printed books and collections to the HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI. These benefactors are Mr. PAKZAD PARVIZI AYATOLLAH FAL ASIRI, ABDOL MAJID KAZEROONI and Ms. FAKHROSADAT SEYADAT .The donated books of the library of the HOLY SHRINE of SHAHCHERAGH were 2888 volumes up to ORDIBEHESHT 1380.This number is increased to 10 thousand volumes up to now. (1390).After the victory of Islamic Revolution the library starts working with more facilities in the first floor of south side of the holy court yard in a vast area. It increased development on daily basis. The library continues its development process until 1381 when it contains 2505 volumes of handwritten books, 20000 volumes of printed books and 1823 volumes of leaflets. The new construction project of the library with an area of appropriate area which has advanced facilities is formed as an answer to the increasing cultural needs of applicants and visitors of SHAHCHERAGH HOLY SHRINE especially educated youth, seekers of knowledge and researchers. The new building of central library is opened through the efforts of custodianship of the HOLY SHRINE of AHMAD and MOHAMMADI in the third of ABAN 1388 synchronous to celebration of AHMAD EBN-E MUSA anniversary in the victory of HOLY SHRINE OF SHAHCHERAGH in SHIRAZ. It was exploited with 40638 books containing 34102 volumes of printed books, 2936 volumes of handwritten books and 3000 lithographic printing books in Persian and Arabic.

Supervisors of Central Library of HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI from the beginning Up to Now


MOSTAFA MOAZEN was the first librarian in 1325 L.Y. before the construction and establishment of the library like today. At first has was appointed as the librarian of the HOLY SHRINE in 10th century, according to the formal commands which is currently in  the SHAHCHERAGH museum of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI while SAYYED JALALODIN MOHAMMAD SHARIFI HOSSEINI ZANBI SHIRAZI called MAJDOLASHRAF was the custodianship of AHMADI EBNE MUSA’s HOLY SHRINE.


Although MOHAMMAD HADI SALEHI is the second supervisor of the HOLY SHRINE library after MOSTAFA MOAZEN, he was known as the first supervisor of the library of HOLY SHRIN of AHMADI.

Professor MAHAMMAD HADI SELAHI was the supervisor of the library from 24th of ISFAND 1343, synchronous to the opening of the library, up to ISFAND 1352.

Professor MOHAMMAD HADI SELAHI took many steps toward the development of library. He eagerly prepared special forms in order to collect books. He also corresponded with all of the personage and governmental and national institutes of the country who were eager to the holy shrine and demanded the donation of books. After 5 years the number of books in the library increased from 306 volumes of books 10 6675 volumes on 10th of TIR 1348.The most important actions were the regulating, arranging and then binding of ancient and precious manuscript of Quran which were kept in storage for too long. He put them in the museum and library.

He also registered some handwritten books, printed books, magazine, and new and old newspapers during the period of his superintendence. Preparing of identity cards for these Quran was the other action during the period of his superintendence.

Mr. SELAHI prepared a plan in ABAN and AZAR 1345.He demanded all of the leaflets of provinces especially Tehran, universities and governmental, national and educational institutes to present one copy of their publication to the library of SHAHCHERAGH. This demand was received favorably. Some of ancient leaflets related to parliamentary era were given to library in 1324.


ALI NAGHI BEHROUZI was the third supervisor of the library of the HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMADI from TIR 1358 up to 1362.The publication of the first list of handwritten books of the library in two volumes was one of the actions in the period of superintendence of Mr. BEHROUZI. The first and second volumes of list of handwritten books were published in 1360. The deceased ALI NAGHI BEHROUZI listed some of the manuscript of this library by using of his own valuable experience in case of listing of manuscript. Justly he prepared the best and the most precise lists available at hand for researchers.

The first volume of this collection is allocated to Qurans, interpretations and prayers for beatification. The second volume of this collection of lists was printed and published on 23rd of DEY 1360.This volume of the list contains 4 parts. The first part contains the list of religious jurisprudence books, principles of jurisprudence, theosophy, news, traditions, prayers and religious subjects. The second part contains some books about monotheism, mystical behavior, Sufism, and morals. The third part contains logic, philosophy, metaphysics and theology. The fourth part contains medical books. In preparation of this list the book divides according to subject. The language and subject of the main book and their descriptions are mentioned in detail to introduce the books. The biography of authors and commentators are also collected from different sources and are mentioned in the margins of pages. The book also contains the list of names of people, books, and places.


Mr. KARIM MAHMMOUD HAGHIGHI was the fourth supervisor of the library of the HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI in1368 up to now.

Many steps had been taken in the period of his superintendence which is mentioned below:

Publishing of the third volume of the first manuscript of the library was one of the actions taken through the efforts of MOHAMMAD BAREKAT in summer 1382.This list introduces 691 manuscripts which have not been introduced in the previous two volumes. The address of book is mentioned in the general list after citation of the title of the book, subject, language and collector. It also mentions some additional explanation or any differences seen in the general list. The book also contains the alphabetical list of the presented books in the collections and lists of collectors.

 Increasing the collection of manuscript of library up to 2936 volumes, listing of manuscript and lithography, removing acid from manuscript, preparing of a digital copy of manuscript, creating index of articles, magazines and newspapers of PAHLAVI and QAJARI era, and opening and exploitation of the new building of the library are some of the actions taken in the period of his superintendence.

The library of the HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI has different parts including separate men and women’s study halls, research sections, leaflets’ hall, ancient leaflets section, internet sections, lithographical and leaden books’ section manuscript section and kid’s section.

All of the sections are introduced separately.

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