History of the Holy Shrine
History of the Holy Shrine

The Building of the Holy Shrine

The first building of the holy shrine is attributed to the reign of Ezadoldowle Deilami (929-950 AD), who was nicknamed as Roknoldowle. The first building underwent repairs several times and new ones were added during the reign of Atabakan (1236-1261 AD). In 1637 AD and in 1762 AD, Shah Ismail Safavi and Nader Shah Afshar repaired the shrine, respectively.


The Modern Structure

After the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution (1979 AD), a large construction project began, including the construction and completion of the large upper salon and setting mirrors on the ceiling and the walls of the old parts of the holy shrine. Moreover, a large marble pulpit was set in the southern part of the southern hall.