The International Affairs Office

The wise and supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Ayatollah Khamenei) has given his blessing to this center which has been established to deal with and give services to Muslims and non- Muslim pilgrims and tourists. The office is mainly responsible for guiding the foreign tourists who enter this holy shrine and take them on a short tour. There are many honorary servants (volunteers) in the holy shrine who are able to speak different languages e.g. English, Arabic, French, German, Urdu, Turkish, Russian and Chinese fluently. By the time the tourists approach the gates of the Shrine, these volunteers are ready to give assigned services such as giving brief historical information about the holy shrine and its museum as well as the biography and characteristics of Shah-e-Cheragh (PBUH) and his brother who was buried there too. Women, from all over the world, are given a special Islamic veil (Chador) to wear while they are visiting the holy shrine. Tourists are served at the international affairs office after their visit to the shrine. There is also an opportunity to be acquainted with Islamic history and Shiite branch for those who are interested in.

Visitors are kindly requested to write their names, nationalities, and email addresses in a record book in order to keep in touch with by sending them new/relative information about the holy shrine.

This office has interactions with other Islamic Institutes in order to be able to introduce Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his life, the Shiite infallibles, and other religious topics well. Some booklets and Qur’ans are available in Arabic, English, French and German to be given to the tourists on request.