Library of Shahcheragh
The Library of Holy Shrine through Time
Short History The establishment of the library of the HOLY SHRINE of AHMADI and MOHAMMADI is in sync with the building of mausoleum and court of AHMAD EBNE MUSA and of school for sepulture. Queen TASHI KHATO
Book Storage
The library storage currently has 28378 volumes of printed Persian books including scientific educational, religious and general subjects which classify according to the special kind of classification system.
Lithographical books
Manuscript In addition to preparation of manuscript by purchasing, donation and endowment, one of the main actions of this part is also meeting the needs of applicants who can use these books according to th
Publication Sections
This publication sections has annually subscribed 140 printed publications in the domain of the humanities, theology, engineering, sciences, agricultural sciences, art and architectural, medical sciences, psyc
Study Hall
The safekeeping book units answers all specialized and non-specialized questions of the applicants. Study hall is equipped with the most modern equipment’s according to the world standards. It offers services
Kids’ Sections
Kids have an important role in determining the development of every society. Specific kids’ section in order to increase the educational level of kids and also to expand the culture of reading books from the c