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Publish Date: 1393/10/1
The Sepulture

A sepulture is built in the reign of Fathali Shah Qajar. It is 3.25 meters in length and 1.75 meters in width. It is covered with silver and some poems in Persian and Arabic are carved around it.

Afterwards another sepulture is built. Its explanations is cited from''Hedye Ahmadi''book:'' The locality of the sepulture ,which is the tomb of offspring of Imam Musa Kazem,is 10 centimeters higher than the level of holy shrine. It is covered with fine marble. The two sides of the sepulture have 1.80 meters distance from the wall. The box inside the sepulture is made of plain wood. It is covered with a green cloth. The present sepulture has an area of 2.23 square meters or 1×2.23 meters. Its framework is made of plain wood. It is like a cube which is covered with silver in some parts. The silver sections are around it. The unfinished parts are underway. Previously Quran was writen in Kufic writing by Imam Ali and is put on the tomb of Hazrat Ahmad ebn-e Musa.Haj Moatamedodole Farhad Mirza ordered them to build an inlaid box in order to keep the Quran inside it. In recent years, Quran and inlaid box are transferred to the Pars Museum and kept in suitable way in a glass cupboard. One long luster is put in the sepulture. They turn it on in some nights. Decoration with cut mirrors around the southern and northern parts of the sepulture are done in the reign of Mohammad Shah Qajar in 1257L.Y."

The modern structure

The holy sepulture is entirely made of silver, and three gold leaves above it with God`s Names on them. The sepulture is 3.58 meters in lenght,2.26 meters in width, and 2.92 in height. There is a very beautiful inlaid box inside the sepulture on the holy tomb. The internal pillars and the floor of the sepulture are inlaid and decorated with wood. This sepulture was made in 2004 in the glorious era of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the workshop of the holy shrine.

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