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Publish Date: 1393/10/8
The Courtyard of Holy Shrine

Previously each holy shrine of Ahmadi and Mohammadi had an independent courtyard which had been connected through Beinolharamein Bazaar.

After purchasing and demolishing the places of Beinolharamein Bazaar for development and improvement of the holy shrine of Hazrat Shahcheragh,the holy courtyard was widened. So that two holy shrine in one courtyard makes it more magnificent.

The central courtyard is a rectangle in an area of 14 thousand square meter.162 chambers in 2 stories were made around it. The master-workmen of holy shrine of Shahcheragh had finished the facade of porches with bricks and glazed tiles.

The wooden fences are made of teak wood. The floor of the holy shrine was paved with Gandomak Fars stone.

The decorative pool of the courtyard

Construction operation of central courtyard had been finished and exploited by receiving an inspiration from Islamic Art designs. Large stones of Neiriz were used in construction of the decorative pool. The stones were carved nicely in the masonry workshop of holy shrine.

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